The Rivesaltes Ambré

This golden colored wine with nuts, dry apricots and candied orange peel scents is exclusively made from White Grenache.

It can be savoured as much as an aperitif or an accompaniment for foie gras, ewe cheese or desserts. It will also be really enjoyable with apricot salads or with a crème brûlée.

Tasting Temperature: 10° C to 12° C





Soil : Clay-limestone on very dry and rocky soils

Grape varieties : White Grenache. 60 years old vine

Production per hectare : Less than 30  hl/ha

Vine growth : Short cut


Method of vinification : Direct pressing, temperature controlled fermentation. Vinification in oak casks

Maturing : 7 years in oak casks on small lees in accordance with the Soleras system (the wine changes multiple times of casks during his maturing)

Alcohol by volume : 16% by vol.

Bottle size : Bottles of 75 cl